If you are expecting a baby, then you must have heard about a doula. Most people wonder what is a doula, and they end up having a baby without knowing the benefits of having a doula beside the mother. A doula is a Greek word meaning woman servant. A doula is someone who supports the mother and the partner physically and emotionally before, during or after the birth. The job role of a doula is mothering a mother. They enable a couple to have the most satisfying birth experience. As doula supports the couple, the whole family can relax and enjoy knowing there is someone experienced among them.

Services only a doula can provide you:

  • They prepare you for the birth by educating you about it.
  • They help you by making a written birth plan.
  • They help the mother in being fit and flexible by providing various massages and mild stretching.
  • They suggest various positions which help the mother in lowering the labor pain.
  • They talk couple through emotional issues during the time of pregnancy.
  • They also do photography of the precious moments of birth.

How doula supports a mother differently than a partner:

A doula is a professional birth support person. They are mother themselves, most of the time. Their training allows them to understand a couple, who is expecting a baby, better. They have a skilled eye by which they can tell what a laboring mother needs. A doula takes care of all the things, for which a hospital’s midwife do not have time. Sometimes, things go off the rails and, in such conditions, a family can’t think clearly of what to do. In such cases, a doula can help you in taking a better decision by remaining calm and focused. A doula can understand a mother better than the partner.

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