The CS: GO combat assortment has about 33 weapons, 2-body armor, a knife, 5 types of grenades, a sapper kit, Zeus (a single charge pistol-shocker). We turn our attention to the types of weapons and grenades in CS: GO. The weapons of the Special Forces team are different from the weapons of terrorists.

A player can carry only one primary weapon, one pistol, up to four grenades (each type in one copy, except for light weapons), one set of armor, a knife, Zeus. If you were killed in the last round, then you appear in a new one with a standard pistol (for Special Forces – USP-S / P2000, for terrorists – Glock-18) and a knife. If you survive, then transfer to a new round with equipment and weapons that you have saved in the previous round. At the beginning of each round there is always the opportunity to buy (if there is enough money) the necessary weapons, armor and so on.

Skins on Skinsmarket

Valve did not limit itself to a wide range of weapons in CS: GO. August 14, 2013, it was decided to introduce skins (from the English. Skin – skin, wrapper) on the weapon. In the same month, the first case appeared which brought a huge income to the company and gave impetus to the development of this system. This is due to the fact that gamers are tired of the monotonous gray color of the weapon, which has not changed for about 15 years. Since 2013, a huge number of cases with skins for weapons, gift boxes, cases with stickers, and cases with gloves have been released. Of course, this commercial project has attracted many scammers who in various ways try to deceive people, and sometimes Valve technical support. In response, the company introduced a set of protective measures to protect its domestic economy and privacy policy from the actions of intruders. At the moment, the Steam platform is the most protected from bots and scammers. One of the latest large-scale innovations is dual authentication through a mobile application.

Each registered user on Steam can try to create their own unique skin on the weapon. To do this, you must read the instructions, download a special program, and then download the result of the work to the workshop. If your skin is approved and added to the game, you can get 5% of sales.

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