Tourist refund scheme is one of the most awaited schemes in UAE after value-added tax. We all are aware that UAE is a destination of millions of tourists and this is why the tourist refund scheme. People can get the idea of VAT refund from the Dubai vat consultants or in UAE. also, the retailers should be registered or vat before they can give the services to the tourists of refund. This is why the tourists should buy the stuff from the shops who have vat registration in Dubai.

When will the scheme of vat return become available for the tourists in UAE?

From November 2018, the vat refund scheme for the tourists will become applicable. This date has been declared by the federal tax authority in UAE. Due to this scheme of vat refund, the tourists will be able to get their vat refunded in case they shop anything from the retailers. Note that we are talking about the retailers who are registered for the scheme of tax refund for tourists in UAE.

Date of getting registered for VAT Refund Scheme for tourists by retailers

Those retailers who already done registration of vat in UAE, can register for the vat refund scheme of tourists from 10th September 2018. FTA will give a briefing in Abu Dhabi on September 11th, 2018 and after that, it will be held in Dubai.

How can we avail the vat refund scheme?

  •    To avail the vat refund scheme, the goods should be bought by the tourists in UAE.
  •    The tourists who have visited the UAE must exit it within 90 days from the date they shopped the items.
  •    For the vat refund scheme, tourists should be very careful as they can only get the refund scheme if they buy the stuff from the vat registered shops
  •    There would be a different procedure that would be carried out in order to get the refund

Where can the refund be availed?

Shops which have been registered for vat refund tax can give this offer to the tourists. this is the reason why the tourists can get a refund from the shops or retailers.

VAT has been implemented in UAE and now this was what people were waiting for. UAE being a huge attraction to the tourists has attracted a lot of tourists to the

What are the steps to avail Tourist Refund Scheme?


Being a tourist, if you shop anything from a vat registered retailer, a tax-free tag will be attached to it. this tax-free bag has a huge importance because it will help you in getting tourist refund scheme. Note that you will be given a discount with your minimum purchase of just AED 250.


Getting validated is very important to get the discount. Carry out the process of validation and then avail the methods of refund.  You can use one of the two ways of refund which include cash or credit.

If you are going on a tour to UAE or Dubai, make sure that you avail this vat refund scheme for the tourists in UAE.

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