In the U.S, there is an array of car insurance options. The government requires motorists to have certain coverages. However, drivers can purchase other policies depending on your local state laws. An optional insurance policy may benefit residents in a particular town. Different people choose different insurance limits and policies. Here are five common car insurance Hawthorne, CA policies you should know to help you stay safe on the road.

1.Liability Coverage

In California, the law requires motorists to purchase liability coverage for their vehicles. The state expects you to have a certain minimum insurance amount. There are two major types of liability coverage, namely bodily injury liability, and property damage liability. Property damage liability offers you financial coverage when your car destroys another person’s automobile in a car crash. Bodily injury liability covers you when you injure a motorist or a passenger in a collision.

2.Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured motorist insurance covers your expenses when you collide with an uninsured driver. Your insurance provider would pay all repair costs if the motorist damaged your car in the accident. Also, the coverage pays all medical bills incurred if you sustain physical injuries in the car crash. It is wise to research on the uninsured motorist policy limit allowed in California to ascertain whether the coverage will pay all repair costs.

3.Comprehensive and Collision Policy

Comprehensive and collision insurance is referred to as full coverage. Comprehensive insurance covers all damages resulting from insured perils including theft, vandalism and natural disasters. You may be required to pay a specific deductible before your car insurance Hawthorne, CA firm reimburses you.
Collision coverage pays for any damages to your car due to an accident. It pays all repair costs, and in some instances, if the vehicle is severely damaged, the coverage will pay for its replacement. Nevertheless, if you have not fully paid for your car, the lender may ask you to pay the repair costs to secure their business.

4.Personal Injury Protection

Personal injury coverage pays your medical expenses if you get injured in an accident. It offers extra compensation if you are unable to work for an extended period. There are two types of personal injury protection, additional childcare expenses and lost income due to long-term injuries.

5.Medical Coverage

Medical insurance pays your medical costs if you are injured in a horrible auto crash. Also, it covers your passengers. Typically, it pays for further medical check-ups, surgeries and ambulance charges. If you have another health coverage, medical insurance will provide additional protection that is not related to your car.

Car accidents are common in California.  An insured or an uninsured may hit you and cause extensive damage to your car. However, if you have personal injury protection or liability coverage, your insurance provider can compensate you. It is advisable to purchase comprehensive car insurance Hawthorne, CA. Get in touch with us for any insurance assistance.  You can Get Used Cars like Honda Civic Personal Contract Hire from Used Cars Birmingham

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