One of the most iconic neighboroods in America, Hollywood in Los Angeles has a lot going for it beyond just the movie history it is known for. There are a variety of great things to do in Hollywood ranging from top eateries to quirky and fun side journeys. Los Angeles has long been a mecca for travelers in their camper rentals due to its great weather year round and the overall quirky and interesting vibe of the city. Although there are many iconic spots all over LA, Hollywood remains an iconic location in terms of imagery and the sheer legendary nature of its streets and attractions.

Walking Tour

One of the best aspects of Hollywood is that, unlike many of the neighborhoods of Los Angeles, it is entirely walkable. This is a more condensed neighborhood than most in the city, which means you can get out and stroll. If you’re unfamiliar with the neighborhood, then a walking tour is highly recommended. These walking tours will allow you to experience most of the main attractions in the area including the Walk Of Fame and other highlights, plus illustrate some of the quirkier aspects of Hollywood that may not be in the guidebooks. When it comes to people watching, Hollywood is top notch, so taking a stroll here will always be entertaining. A walking tour will allow you take in both aspects in equal proportions.

Hollywood Museum

This museum covers the incredibly colorful and always fascinating history of Hollywood from top to bottom, so make sure to schedule in enough time to take it all in. There is a vast and stunning array of Hollywood classic memorabilia on display that covers everything from the silent era all the way up to today. Including nearly all genres and time periods, you can easily spend hours in this stunning landmark. Anyone with even a remote interest in classic Hollywood will be stunned at the sheer amount of items on display here, from full costumes to rare posters to personal items once possessed by stars of yesteryear and today. Don’t pass this one up if you’re looking for a fun afternoon in Hollywood.

Paramount Studios Tour

This is one of the most iconic studios in Hollywood, and visitors have the distinct privilege of being able to tour the hallowed grounds where many a Hollywood classic has been filmed. You can walk right underneath the famous pink arches and be treated to an in-depth tour that not only allows you to check out classic sets and locations where some of the top films of all time have been made but also get a glimpse into the Hollywood machinery behind the making of many films and shows. You can see movie workers moving between sets on their go carts and perhaps even see a famous face or two. LA Camper rentals journeys are all about both fun and history, and you will get them both here.

Guinness Book Of World Records Museum

Located near the Walk Of Fame, this quirky museum is well worth visiting. Housed in the oldest movie house in Hollywood, this museum is worth it for the historical factor alone, and you will no doubt recognize the famous neon marquee which has graced many a postcard and classic photo. In the museum you will experience a vast array of artifacts, photos, videos, and records of some of the craziest world records ranging from the truly amazing to the truly strange. It is always amazing to see what people will do in order to gain a world record, and an afternoon in this incredible museum will give you much more than a taste of this.

Frank Lloyd Wright House

This is the very first house that Wright designed in LA and it’s conveniently located at a stunning hilltop park in East Hollywood. This is a truly important piece of history not just for the city but for American culture as a whole. You can tour the house, which has been renovated and restored to its original glory, receiving annual maintenance work that keeps it in top condition. There are tours on offer or you can simply walk through the house and see for yourself the amazing architecture on display, plus the view from the garden is spectacular. You won’t want to miss this one, and it’s off the beaten tourist path so you can get away from the visiting hordes.

Camper rentals travelers have been flocking to Hollywood for decades to soak up the unique atmosphere of old school movie glamor and new school glitz. This is an incredibly diverse neighborhood that offers a lot more than just the normal tourist attractions you always hear about, so don’t be afraid to head off the beaten path away from the crowds.

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