Even if you’re not a seasoned survivalist, you can survive travelling in a forest with a little help. You will need to prepare well and pack the right things. Before you set out on your adventure, check the weather and the general climate of the region. Your choice of clothing while travelling in a rainforest or camping in a mountainous region must be different. But no matter what the temperature is like, always wear sturdy and comfy shoes along with socks. Make sure to buy the shoes well before the trip giving it time to break-in. Here is a list of all the things that you will need for survival when you’re travelling in a forest. Some of the items might be pricey. If you’re looking for discount deals, you can get promo codes using this website.

1) Water Filtration and Purification

Water is one of the most essential things for human survival and the time you’re travelling and hiking through a forest, you’ll need plenty of it. Coming by sources of water in forest areas is easy, however, make sure to purify the water before drinking it. So, remember to pick up a water filter and always carry a reusable water bottle. Kill the germs using chlorine dioxide pills or drops. You can also boil the water if you already have a fire going.

2) Source of Light

You will need to build fires to survive in the wild. They are a significant source of heat and light, and you can even make emergency signals through the smoke. Unless you want to rub sticks to light a fire, pack a good number of matches. They are small, easy to carry and light in weight and you can quickly start a fire with them.

3) Insect Repellent

It is a must-have in your travel backpack. Insects don’t just leave itchy bite marks on your body. They also carry bacteria and viruses that can make you seriously ill. There is a risk of mosquito bites while travelling in forest areas. They can cause diseases like malaria, dengue, encephalitis or yellow fever. So, make sure to apply insect repellent on your body.

4) Knife

It is essential to carry an excellent versatile knife with you while travelling in the wilderness. A knife can be used for a variety of things in the forest. You can cut branches and vines for movement or building shelter. A thick knife can be used to split wood for the fire. It is also necessary for preparing food and cleaning fish. So, pick a sharp and sturdy knife for your jungle travel.

5) First Aid Kit

Carry a small first aid kit on all your travels. It should have bandages, Band-Aids, sunburn salve, throat lozenges, anti-bacterial ointment and antiseptic wipes. Add medicines like antibiotics, antacids, diarrhea medication, pain-killers, motion sickness medication etc. Also carry cotton-tipped swabs, hand sanitizer and biodegradable soap for safety and hygiene.

6) Compass

If you don’t want to get lost in the forest, always carry a compass. You might not get reception in the forest so don’t depend on your phone. Learn how to use a map and a compass to find your direction in the forest.

7) Snacks and Food Items

Carry some dry and healthy snacks while travelling in a forest. These can be trail mix, energy bars, dried fruits and veggies, and poultry or beef jerky. If it’s going to be a multi-day trip you need to add some easy to carry meals. Carry ready-to-eat cereal, canned or pouched vegetable puree, fish, poultry or meat, and dehydrated foods. Your campfires will be incomplete without marshmallows for smokes.

8) Versatile Clothes

Pack clothes according to the weather and they should be of a quick drying material. Pack hiking pants, athletic underwear, long sleeve t-shirts, rain jackets, bathing suits or swimming trunks. Get wool sweater or insulated fleece jackets if it’s going to get cold.

9) Hiking Boots

Boots are absolutely essential for traveling in the wild. They should be solid and sturdy but also comfortable to wear. They must be high ankle to protect against insects. Make sure that they are waterproof but breathable. Also carry sandals or camp shoes to air out your feet after you’ve set up camp.

10) Other Essential Gear

Some other essential camping accessories that you can’t forget are tents, sleeping bags, travel pillows and trekking poles. Carry camp utensils, fuel canister, stove and water bladder for cooking food.

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