In the UK, just as it is very convenient to have vending machines for water and snacks located at various places, it is very convenient for lottery players to have a vending machine that dispenses lottery tickets. Though, they are restricted by the kind of tickets dispensed. You can only get tickets of the scratch card or a pull-tab type lottery ticket when you insert the appropriate coins or notes to cover the cost of the ticket into the machine.

The tickets so dispensed are pre-determined and there should be no element of gameplay or skill required. Also, the machine must not be a decision maker for the outcome of the lottery. It should also not display the result within an hour. If the machine has this feature, it will be classified as a gaming machine rather than a vending machine. Both these machines have a different set of rules regulating them

Manufacture or Supply of Lottery Ticket Vending Machines 

Anybody can manufacture a ticket vending machine. You do not require specific permission or license for it. The license is required for the purchaser and the user. These can only be supplied to a licensed society lottery, External Lottery Manager or someone promoting a private lottery. The suppliers themselves cannot promote a lottery, even though their services are provided. If they do that, they would need to get licensed as an External Lottery Manager by the Gambling Commission.

Permitted Usage of Lottery Vending Machines

A lottery vending machine can only dispense the lottery tickets of a registered and licensed society lottery. They can also be used for dispensing tickets in a private lottery as seen in clubs or a private society. The vending machines have the same restrictions as any other lottery depending on the lottery being promoted.

Rules for Lotteries Licensed by the Gambling Commission

Such international lotteries are allowed to sell tickets anywhere as long as it is not on the streets and hence, can use the vending machines. In such a situation, the society and the ELM should take overall responsibility for the lottery. The society should also take responsibility for not allowing access to those under 16 years of age.

It is their job to ensure that the rules are strictly followed, including the ones regarding age verification, self-exclusion, social responsibility policies and problem gambling, to name a few. The dispensed lottery tickets also must fulfil the conditions set by law.

Rules for Lotteries Registered with the Local Authorities

These are also authorized to sell tickets for the lottery using the vending machine. They must follow the regulations of the authority where they are registered. The society must take full responsibility to ensure adherence to all legislative requirements. In this case also, it is imperative that access is not granted to under-aged players.

Location of the Vending Machines for Lottery

They can be located in various places such as public houses, retailers and premises licensed for gambling. They can also be located in private member clubs.

As far as you are concerned, you should not worry about the source of the tickets. These machines are relevant to the local authorities in the USA. You need to simply bet on the results of the lottery from where you are playing and still stand a chance to win big. That is what happens when you play international lotteries online. Since you are not living there, you cannot purchase a lottery there. To enjoy the lotteries, simply create an online account on Lottoland, the world leader in online lottery platforms and enjoy the benefits. Soon, Lottoland will launch a website for Indian players as well.

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