One of the biggest advantages of dividers is the way they offer flexibility of design. They can create an island of privacy and serenity even in a small or busy work area. These can also break up a large, utilitarian space into smaller, intimate zones for work and socializing. Here are a few tips and tricks for getting the most out of your room separators:

Make a Big Room Feel More Cozy

A big room can feel empty or impersonal. This is for several reasons, including the long distances between items of furniture, the way that sound echoes in the space, and how much larger it is than the people within it. Dividers can help with all of these issues, disrupting echoes and breaking up the space into multiple units. They also allow you to create specialized zones of use. Here are a few ideas:

  • a refreshment nook around the coffee machine and water cooler
  • friendly socialization zones around the seating area
  • a pop-up office at a convention
  • quiet, restful workplaces secluded from busier areas
  • an office space even in a busy warehouse

Add Privacy to Busy Public Areas

Have you seen, during tax time, temporary ‘offices’ in large stores and shopping centers? These tax preparation services are legally required to protect their clients’ privacy. Their clients may also feel more comfortable shielded from the hubbub of the store. Your business could also have similar legal requirements.

In another case, you may simply prefer a quiet space to talk to clients one-on-one or concentrate on your work. Dividers can help people resist distractions, step away from chatting with others, and boost their focus and productivity.

Make a Small, Divided Space Feel Bigger

If you have a small partitioned space or one that is being maximally used, you can still make it feel bigger. You just need the right dividers for the job. The trick here is to increase people’s line of sight. You can bring in room dividers that are floor-to-ceiling clear glass, or ones with clear panels placed at eye height. During the design phase, remember that seated people will also like being able to see farther across the space. Finally, you can consider chest-high partitions. This allows people to easily see across the room while still maintaining functionally separate subspaces.

Room dividers are a versatile design element that can add a lot of functionality and balance to any space. For more information, stop by our website to schedule a free consultation. At Space Plus, we also have showrooms across the country and in several international areas. You can come by these to see our dividers in action.

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