A person who suffers fatal injuries caused due to negligence of some other person comes under the category of wrongful death. The family of the deceased person can demand compensation in such a case. In many cases, the insurance company may refuse to pay the claim amount citing various legal conditions which are not understandable by the deceased’s family. In such cases also the family can move court against the insurance company. Financial security is important especially if the deceased was the bread winner for the family. The compensation helps in overcoming the financial problems.

However, fighting a legal case to get the right compensation requires the services of an experienced attorney. Johnston Law Firm offers wrongful death lawyer in Portland, OR. The wrongful death lawyer provides complete legal assistance to the grieving family. The lawyer files a case in the court, builds up a solid case against the third party and negotiates the compensation amount on behalf of the family. There are multiple legal loopholes that the offending party and the insurance company can exploit to avoid paying compensation. A professional and experienced attorney has a thorough knowledge of the law which helps in planning strategies to prevent the defendants from exploiting the loopholes.

Modus operandi

The wrongful death lawyer in Portland, OR carries out a thorough investigation of the case. The scene of death and all the circumstances are carefully examined in order to gather evidence proving fault on the part of the defendant resulting in death. The value of the claim that can be demanded is also determined on the basis of the investigation. Experts such as accident re-constructionists, private investigators, forensic specialists and economists are also hired to help in the investigation. These experts are presented in court to testify before the judge in case of a trial. The demand for a fair compensation is made to the offender’s insurance company after a strong case has been built. In case, the insurance company is not willing to pay the right compensation amount, the lawyer moves to trial.

Types of wrongful death covered

A plethora of wrongful death cases are handled by the attorneys of the law firm. They include wrongful deaths caused by accidents such as car accidents, truck accidents, bike accidents and pedestrian accidents. Wrongful deaths caused by wrong medical diagnosis, medical negligence and pharmaceutical errors are also covered by the attorneys.

Types of compensation obtained

The wrongful death lawyer in Portland, OR provided by the firm fights for a full compensation to be paid to the deceased’s family which covers the following:

  • Money that would have been earned by the deceased in the future.
  • Benefits lost to the family because of the untimely demise of the victim.
  • Loss of parenting benefits from parents to child.
  • Reimbursement of money spent on medical, burial and funeral expenses.
  • Pain and suffering for the deceased’s family.
  • Loss of companionship
  • Other costs varying from case to case.
  • Education of children.

A fair compensation amount is negotiated with the insurance company. The attorney makes sure that the insurance company does not get away by paying a meager compensation amount. Certain statutes impose a limitation on the maximum compensation. The experienced attorneys calculate loss in multiple ways so as to circumvent the statutory limitations and obtain the maximum compensation for the clients.

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