An average man is expected to do his job, live the life of a subservient worker Bee and provide for a woman no matter what she does. This pressure is enough to disturb a man, make him feel ridiculous and drive him crazy. The strip club is the perfect place to relax and forget about all the problems. All you need to do is sit back, have a couple of drinks and stare at hot chicks dancing.  If you are planning to visit Barcelona and enjoy exotic dances, then you must definitely go to strip clubs. One of the best strip clubs is Bagdad club Barcelona. Choose the right package for your strip party to get an amazing and exciting experience. The strip clubs usually starts at night than in day time. There are features every strip club will offer. They include performers, stage show, lap dances, drinks, and food and free transportation too. There are also various packages offered by the strip clubs in Barcelona particularly in Bagdad club Barcelona.

Some of them are listed below:

  • Package 1

You can book your table at 90 Euros per person in Bagdad club Barcelona. You will be served by drinks and let experience the awesomeness of the club. You will get the best view of a live stage show. Transportation facility is also provided in this package.

  • Package 2

At only 130 Euros per person, the second package will treat you by offering a lovely dinner and a bottle of Cava for each on the table. Transportation is free. There is a strip show for your group as well.

  • Package 3

Package 3 costs 149 Euros per person. You will get a bang on experience in this package. The club will make sure your night at Bagdad is extra special with strip show and each member will get a private lap dance. Along with the dinner and drinks, there is free transportation.

  • Package 4

Package 4 will blow your mind. It costs 299 Euros per person. Here you get a combination of all the facilities like a drink, food, transportation, a live porno show on stage and lap dance for each member of your group.

However, the package may differ from Club to the club. You can book them according to your budget online. They also offer packages according to the size of your group. It will make your experience the most incredible in Barcelona.