In today’s world, people love their cars and take great care of them, making car wash vending products a huge business whether an immediate customer wants to buy some to take home and use themselves or hire a team of professionals to clean their car. The fact is, a car is a big investment, people spend a lot of time in their cars and want it to remain nice, and they want it to maintain its value for when the time comes to sell it. Although a homeowner might develop their own plan to care for their car, but a professional is expected to follow a fairly standard procedure with proven results and a large part of the concept is to use great products which can be trusted.

Recognizable Brands

Most people are aware that generic products can provide as good if not better results than a name brand, however, a customer expects a certain degree of performance from car wash brands so the professional needs to use recognizable car wash vending products. Armor All is one of the best known brands with a series of sprays and wipes for different aspects of cleaning a car. Towels may not come in such recognizable brand names, but are expected to be high quality microfiber towels which won’t scuff the car’s exterior paint finish or scratch at interior details such as leather, wood grain, or even plastic parts. Likewise, a simple air freshener may not be a recognizable brand, but there are certainly different levels of effectiveness by the different available brands, and choosing the ones which work well will assure repeat customers and ongoing business.

Consistent Availability

One aspect of car wash vending products the customer may not be aware of is the availability and reliable delivery time offered by the products the professionals use. The best product for the job becomes worthless if it isn’t easily replaceable, as nobody can provide consistent results by changing brands with each new order whether weekly or monthly. Availability is important whether ordering supplies directly from the manufacturer or through a third party supplier.


The layman may choose their car care products based on price, but is more likely to choose a reliable product they can purchase from a trusted professional. The professional, on the other hand, must choose the car wash vending products they use based on reliable and consistent results which are typically going to be much better than what someone can do at home in their driveway. Ideally, a professional’s products are going to be what customers recognize and trust, and they will provide the best results possible with the least amount of employee labor.

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