Charleston is very well known for the rich variety of cuisines. The food lovers from the different parts of the world are attracted towards the authentic and delicious dishes of Charleston. The flavors of the ingredients in the dishes have magnetic powers that can rule over their taste buds. Once you visit the Charleston, you will smell good food all around you.

If you are planning to take a food tour, then the second largest city of South Carolina that is Charleston would be the best place, where one can visit to have fun to the fullest. You must surely check out the food tours Charleston at least once. The mouth watering delicacies of the place will make a special place in your memory for a long time.

There are many companies that offer food tour packages, but it is suggested that you choose the one that suits your needs and budget. These tours are reasonably priced, and thus you won’t need to spend a fortune to take one.

The Renaissance of the City

  • While walking down the street of the Charleston, you’ll learn about different kinds of food and beverage served by restaurants, bars, café and bakeries. While passing through these eateries, you’ll discover the rich flavors of spices. The tour organizers are courteous and very generous. The environment of the place is quite friendly.
  • The tasting tour is one of the main attractions of the Charleston. The tour is conducted by the licensed guides who help you taste the local dishes of Charleston like barbecue, sweet tea and the chocolates.
  • The food festival events attract tourists from around the world. Every year more than a million people visit Charleston to explore the culinary treasures. You can attend the food festival through which you can come to know about the various delicacies of Charleston.
  • Charleston city market is the workplace of more than hundred vendors who sell different food items like homemade jams, candies and peanuts.
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